Finger Suck Factory

指吸 知 (yubisui tomo)






Finger Suck Factoryとはおかしな名称ですが私の苗字です。

「指 yubi」=「Finger」

「吸 sui」=「Suck」



Finger Suck Factoryを立ち上げる。



2019年11月にFSF第2弾のオリジナルソフトビニールフィギュア作品【MORA MORA】を発表。





2020年8月11日にオンラインストア【Finger Suck Store】をオープン。

yubisui tomo

Born in Nara, Japan

Works mainly in Tokyo

Toy artist/illustrator

I create with the theme of "the fruit of experiences and encounters".


Finger Suck Factory is a funny name, but it's my real last name.

「指 yubi」=「Finger」

「吸 sui」=「Suck」


In May 2018, I created my first original soft vinyl figure work [VV]

He started Finger Suck Factory.

In that year, he participated in TTF2018 and other events in Japan and the United States.


In November 2019, FSF's second original soft vinyl figure work [MORA MORA] was released.

It will be unveiled for the first time at DCON 2019.


We aim to work vigorously in 2020, but were unable to do so due to COVID-19.


The online store 【Finger Suck Store】 opens on August 11, 2020.

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